An online booking and management system for Sports and Fitness Clubs, Music Instructors, Therapists, MoT Garages, Hairdressers, Tutors etc

What is WebBookings?

WebBookings is the easy and affordable bookings system for Sports Clubs to allow courts, pitches, fitness classes and table reservations to be booked Online. Make bookings for squash, tennis, badminton, fitness classes, aqua classes, five-a-side football, MUGA facilities, hockey, bowling, or any other sports your club offers in addition to table reservations at your restaurants. Make block bookings for team matches, maintenance or regular coaching sessions. Specialist booking types include lessons and courses. We can also integrate club and county leagues and tournaments.

We take the hard work out of setting up and maintaining an online bookings system and could have you up and running in just a few hours.

There's no need for specialist expertise or computer hardware. Our fully managed service means all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Prices are normally £10 per facility per month (e.g. court or studio) or £5 per court per month for outdoor tennis courts that are only used for part of the year. The monthly fee optionally includes a full membership database to manage your membership and automated direct debit membership payments. Table reservations are £40 per month.
Full pricing details are shown below.

WebBookings also provide bookings systems for garages taking online MOT bookings and for therapists online appointments (e.g. massage, chiropody, osteopathy etc) and many other applications including tutors, music instructors, hairdressers, beauty technicians, cleaners etc. Any person or facility that can be booked can be booked and paid for through WebBookings.

Latest News

We have added some new features to help manage the requirements of the Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown and opening of businesses after the lockdown.

Some of the Features we can offer

  • computer icon for 24/7 service

    24/7 Online Service

    Your members and guests will be able to book courts and classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their home computer or phone.

    wifi icon for online bookings

    Online Bookings for less

    Low all-inclusive monthly fee. No upfront investment in hardware or server costs necessary. We maintain your data on a secure server with a track record of 99.9% uptime.

    shiny icon for clean interface

    Clean Interfaces

    Both the member and staff interfaces are quick and easy to use without training. You can use any web browser to make and manage bookings.

  • telephonist icon for reception bookings

    Reception Bookings and Access Control

    The WebBookings system is fast and simple enough for a busy reception, it also allows you to track no-shows, payments and arrears, if relevant. The system can incorporate a card swipe system to check members in and record attendance for different activities. We also link directly to Door Flow, an internet connected door entry system and Remote Lock who provide WiFi enabled door locks that can accept PIN entry codes for each separate booking (ideal for unstaffed tennis courts).

    touchscreen icon for on-site club bookings

    Touch Screen Compatibility

    The Members' WebBookings interface can also be used at the club with a touchscreen computer or monitor to allow customers to book their courts or classes while at the club or directly after a match or class. The Members' interface also has the option for customers to check in before playing their match. This potentially saves time for busy reception staff.

    pound sterling icon for online payment

    Online payments

    Users can pay for court and membership fees through our system. Your club would need to setup an account with either WorldPay, Stripe or GoCardless. WorldPay accepts online card payments while GoCardless sets up online Direct Debits which are automatically debited from WebBookings to top up user accounts and/or pay monthly or annual memberships.

  • light bulb icon for lighting control

    Lighting Controls

    Automatically turn on and off lights on a court before and after a booking is scheduled. This can save significant amounts on your lighting bills. We provide the software and internet control switches, while the wiring is arranged by the club.

    phone icon for SMS confirmations

    Text Messaging

    Users can receive booking confirmations, cancellations, and reserve notifications on their mobile phones via SMS. You can also send messages to different groups, e.g. the entire club, customer types, attendees of a class or individuals. Each message costs 7p.

    exclamation mark icon for customer rules


    Give member groups different permissions as to when they can book and which sports and tables they are allowed. Many different rules can be applied including 'on the day bookings', bookings per day, different costs for different member types etc.

  • chain link icon for login security


    All login details and personal information is encrypted for the safety of all our users.

    gear icon for administration functionality


    In addition to the user and reception interfaces, Administrators can do everything from creating and cancelling bookings to settings up block bookings, lessons, and courses. They can add/edit members' details, produce usage reports, send global emails, change customer and membership types and change setup options for the club.

    notice board icon for club news and rules

    Message Board

    Post updates and news about the club for the convenience of your users. You can also upload your club rules which are then available via the main menu. Global emails and SMS are available to help spread the word.

close up of squash ball on racket
daily timesheet display of bookings showing advertising spaces

Individual Bookings

Individual Bookings, reserves the slot and locks out the court and time from other users.

people taking a fitness class
weekly timesheet of fitness classes

Class Bookings

Sign on to weekly classes and group sessions. Reserve slots can be booked and members are informed of promotion to a full booking by SMS or email.

people jumping in the air in front of a sunset
administrator booking form for fitness classes

Courses Bookings

Sign up to courses that run for a set number of weeks. Individual sessions may swap between sports to give members a taste of everything the club offers.

tennis ball in front of racket
stacked display of bookings, courses and lessons

Lesson Bookings

Book a one off session with an instructor. Payments can be to the coach or to the club or a mixture of both.

people running on treadmills
booking form for gym inductions

Gym Inductions

Select the instructor and type of induction, e.g. New Induction, Program Review

people eating at a restaurant
table layout booking form for a restaurant

Table Reservations

Members can book tables online. Staff can view table status at any time, e.g. arrived, ordered, sat at table, left etc. Can view as time slots or as plan view.

Quick Tutorials

We have put together some quick demos which show some of the main functionality of the software from a member's and administrator's perspective.

Pricing List

Setup Costs Monthly Fees
Bookings £0 £10 - Standard ?£10 per Court/Studio
£5 - Seasonal/Halfyear ?£5 per court e.g. summer tennis
£5 - Multi Use Games Area ?£5 per segment, minimum £10
£40 - Table Reservations
Lighting Control £0?Lighting unit approx £200, club is responsible for wiring and internet connection. £10
Door Control £0 ?Hardware, installation and access cards/keyfobs are available from netnodes.com £10
Online Payments £0 £10 ?Club is required to obtain an account with WorldPay, Stripe or GoCardless
Club Leagues / Tournaments £0 - For First £10 - For First
£0 - For Subsequent £5 - For Subsequent
County Leagues / Tournaments £0 £20
* All Prices Excluding VAT

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